The Tiny Town of Mulegé

The View from the river onto the mission

Mulegé is a little oasis town at the mouth of the Río De Santa Rosalia.

It is a 20 minute drive north of our location. In Mulege you will find several grocery stores, restaurants as well as a Bancomer bank and ATM.


Local attractions:


  • The Mission, founded in 1705, is one of the most famous attractions in Mulegé. It is located high above the river, overlooking the entire river valley.

  • The caves in the 'Sierra de Guadalupe' near Mulegé with extensive cave paintings are worth a visit, as are the caves in the 'Sierra de San Borjita' and La Trinidad.

  • A special feature of the town is the old prison. It was erected completely without bars. The prisoners could freely walk around town and even go as far as to establish and maintain families. They just had to return to the prison in the evening. Escapes were rare because of the remoteness of Mulegé. Today, the old prison serves as a museum.