History of Posada

In 1969 our grandfather Mr. German Morantte Alvidres, a man with a broad vision in business, embarked in a new adventure. 

Accompanied by his friend Mr. Paullada, they both flew out of the city of Mexicali and made their way down into the small town of Mulege landing at the Hotel Serenidad airstrip. From there, they traveled to the Bay of Concepción. It was love at first sight for my grandfather. Mesmerized by the beauty of the bay, he decided to buy a piece of land from Mr. Manuel Díaz and started the business which we now know as "Posada Concepción".

Our grandfather never imagine the hardships that awaited. Back then there was no highway, no hardware stores and not much building materials. He had to bring all the materials from Mexicali, which meant a 4 day trip on a dangerous and rocky road. But my grandfather had determination and a dream. His determination paid off. In 1974 Posada opened as an R.V Park.

With time, palm huts were born and soon after small houses started appearing all around the park and slowly Posada changed from a R.V Park to small community that has been providing service for more than 40 years.


Now as the Morantte's 3rd generation we will continue with our grandfather's and our father's legacy providing the excellent service we are well known for.


Posada is a small piece of paradise and will continue to bloom into greatness.